In this academy, we provide highly efficient trading courses and resources to help you achieve success in the world of trading.

In my 20years of trading experience, I have learned a great deal of how to not only survive the market but also manage to beat it.

I have successfully launched several funds and training overseas students and now most of them are working for hedge funds and family offices now.

This trading system is what you can not possibly learn with a CFA certificate. I learned all this by trading more than millions of dollars.

Now it certainly costs a lot less with the courses I provide and you will be learning the exact samething.

Black-swan event may creates more butterfly effect and we aim to take advantage of tail risks.

Global energy and Commodities

Our trading approaches focus on global commodity and energy prices correlations. The demand and supply analysis will greatly help macro traders take advantage of market volatiltiy.

Quantitative trading strategy and development

Our macro system will focus on micro market order structure and quantitative trading infrastructure.

Vix and global key indices

Understanding volatility is key when it comes to understanding the global macro economic system. In our trading method we strive to let our students understand the mechanics behind the market volatility and optionality.

Through our master trading course, start designing your own trading machine.